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The Keystone

Combustion, ignition, momentum, love, gravity, decay, rebirth
and various universal systems such as
Energy, elemental-force, heat, light, moisture, vacuum

Every element, every molecule of all 'things' within the known and unknown realms

Each engine, hidden or manifest
is carrying the Divine Inscription of it's Creator

The push and pull of bodies; celestial, human, spiritual or unknown
The breathings and rhythms of the beating hearts of stars, galaxies, mountains, trees, animals

The tingling of every organ, the myriad pathways of thought

Every thought-object in existence is infused with the deepest of intimacies by a Universal Loving-Kindness

Every alphabet, syllable, language, number, equation and calculation
Is borrowed from a Patron, Most Wise

Philosophy, geography, seismology, chemistry, botany, cosmology, astrology - is there an end to these -ologies of thought?

Do these even approach the immensity of Intelligence responsible for the creation of it all?

Gratefulness, awe, bewilderment;
the Keystone.


© 2019 Mo Durrani

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