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Keyboard Lover

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


People, and the world we see, they are not real, they are creatures of magic beyond us.

We are sure about nothing but our consciousness, it is the true reality.

I walk down streets, through the city, in the night sky, enchanted and taken captive by it's beauty, willingly sacrifice my freedom and my ego to the world of fantasy, a world feeding on our souls and desires, a world that will never collapse, a playground of lost children, a paradise for lunatics.

We are gameplayers, skins, Sirens who seduce the pure and innocent, give them power show them magic, take their hands and sing together.

The unicorn, my unicorn, my greatest fantasy, the searching for it is a long and heart breaking journey, an endless nightmare. The day it comes to you is when the exit closes and your freedom forever lost.

Can two drowning ones save each other? If not, let drown together.
What is good what is evil?
What is right what is wrong?
What is death what is life?
What is love?
What is god?

To those I cannot speak, I shut up.
To those I cannot change, I turn away.
To those I cannot have, I watch from afar.
To those tragedies before my eyes, I pray and sigh.

For the rules of the game aren't up to us.
For the souls of the corrupt we can not save.
For all I have is stars and lovers' eyes.
For time and tide will erase us all.

Love is in the gaze of god.
Love is in the kiss of cosmos.
Love is in the blink of time.
Love is an illusion love is everywhere.
Can't you see?
Are you my unicorn,
Mr. Butterfly?
I'm so fucked up, and breathless.
Once this starts,
is there any way back?
I'm so in fear because,
you see,
I can't stop worrying,
that I mess things up and lose what I cherish.
Sometimes I think better nip it in the bud,
when it is still beautiful and hopeful.
But I don't have a choice,
the desire runs in my blood.
You must know,
how I wish to go to you,
rest my lips on yours,
bury myself in your neck,
feel your warmth,
my hair twined in your fingers,
leave everything behind,
run away from what's fading me,
meet a man who belongs to dreams,
take your flower,
take your hand,
take off your mask,
show you my heart,
I am in the cloud.
The day is getting dark,
the time difference is of 8 hours,
I am in your far east,
born in 2000,
baby of the century.
Why is the fear?
because things that come fast,
can fade in a minute.
Is it the magic of words, imagination,
or loneliness,
that lead us here?
We both know the answer.
The moment we come to the light,
we lose them all.
The world is a monster,
will we fight?
In my heart there is not shame nor guilt,
in my eyes there is no asperation but insanity,
in my face there shows nothing more only disguise,
through the ages I wandered aimlessly.

Under the city lights I cavort and whirl,
flowers and glasses all around me,
alone in the darkness I huddle up,
O dear child why is thy whining?

Is life an eternal suffering,
or am I in the grip of Lucifer?
I've seen how your sons were abandoned,
left immerse into the haunting nihility,
lost the awareness of self existence,
and after centuries,
devoured hopelessly by those indifferent dust,
embrace the long desired death finally.

O my saviour show me the way out,
make me your slave,
hole me in chains,
and drink up my blood,
Oh I've been too naughty a girl,
all my words are lies.

© 2018 Mark

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