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Keto and the Falcon - A Story Never Written Part 2

John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing

Alaskan Tundra

Alaskan Tundra

A Story Never Written

I really enjoyed writing The Story Never Written and was amazed by the positive response from readers. A number suggested that I should write a series around Keto, and develop his character further. I decided to take that advice and this is the result.

If you haven't already read Part One of "The Story Never Written" please click on the link and read it. I think this poem can stand alone, but you will get a better sense of the background if you read the other first.


Keto and the Falcon

Keto stood atop a cliff,

His breathing deep and slow

Sensing what he couldn't see,

The vast tundra below.

He moved his body slowly,

Muscles taut and hard.

His very own form of tai chi,

He called it keto bard.

The blind seer moved along the edge

No fear that he might fall,

His body appeared weightless,

And the danger very small.


Suddenly he makes a sound

No other man can hear.

A falcon leaves a nearby peak

And plummets like a spear.

Then Keto steps back from the ledge

And sits back against a boulder,

As the swiftest bird of prey swoops down

And lands upon his shoulder.

Sharp talons pierce his human flesh

But Keto flinches not.

His mind can disippate the pain

And make all bleeding stop.

He feeds the bird a scrap of meat

Left over from a meal,

Then man and bird climbed down the cliff

Navigating just by feel.

A warrior lay in a hut,

His chest pierced by a spear.

The barbed spear head had broken off,

And death was very near.

Keto pushed into the room

And knelt down by the bed.

He took the falcon off his arm

And felt the ill man's head.


A fever racked his body,

His skin was wet with sweat.

Eyes closed and in a coma,

His chest heaved with each breath.

Keto stroked the falcon

Then gripped the raptor's leg,

Thrust a talon into the wound

And removed the barbed spear head.

A mime, a seer, a healer,

A legend of his time,

Keto's name's remembered,

But only through this rhyme.

© 2017 John Hansen

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