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Kempucheeri village


Kempucheeri village

The hill is steep and the cherry tree on the tip of the hill surrounding my village always flowered full in the spring.

The entire valley is usually lush green and this tree stands out, the pink flowers of this tree are like a red signal that could be seen from miles away.

The celebration of the spring season in my village started by looking at the tree and a hint of red, meant that its springtime.

Everyone who could not see a hint of it was teased to be color blind.

Even my village "Kempucheeri" was named after this tree because it was from here that one could see it in totality.

How the cheery tree grew there has always been a mystery.

The legend of our village goes that it was probably a migrating bird from Japan, rested once on the hill top and the fruit it ate in japan was planted by it.

But from many decades, no one remembers seeing birds flying or resting there.

The mystery still remains, however we are blessed with a natural sign-board for the spring's arrival.

This tree is now a protected monument and no one is allowed to climb or eat the cherry.

We have left it for the birds to come back and complete this story.

PC: Namratha

© 2020 Hari Prasad S

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