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My mother had what I can only describe, as a brain freeze moment. She decided to throw out an old suitcase containing all her old photographs, and keepsakes.

I will give her a bit of leeway as she is 89,but all those memories are now landfill.

Which gave me the idea for this poem on keepsakes.

Those keepsakes help to stop the memories fade.

They lift you up when you are feeling sad.

Remembering how those memories were made.

The fun times in those days that you once had.

Those sea shells that I gathered on the shore.

The pictures of my childhood having fun.

I’d love to touch those seashells just once more.

To again look at those photos every one.

The feelings take you right back to that day.

When life was innocent, and so carefree.

You wish you could go back in time and stay.

But that is not how life is meant to be.

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