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Keep Smiling: A Lesson From an Encounter.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

I saw you crying in a crowded street.

Wiping your tears so that no one could see.

The rain is pouring hard in this alley.

People were just passing by, barely noticing you.

You were in your winter clothes, wearing a long blazer.

Scrolling down through your phone,

As your tears starts to wet your screen.

“Are you alright?” I walked close to you and asked.

“Of course she is not.” My mind replied.

I sat next to you and offered you a hug.

Not knowing what’s the matter,

But it just seems you needed it.

You are still crying but as if affected by my gesture,

You started crying a little louder, this time letting it all out.

No more holding back, just crying the pain all out.

“It’s alright to cry now, even just for a bit.

I’m no longer alone.

There’s no need to be embarassed.“

These come across your mind as you let yourself cry in my arms.

It’s getting cold on the streets.

I asked if you wanted to have some coffee nearby.

No response from you,

I decided to take your hand and take you to the coffee shop.

“Look there’s a band that’s about to perform.”

Pointing to the live band, as we reached the al fresco coffee shop.

They started to play songs, classics, instrumental, acoustics.

It was a chilly weather that night.

I could see the change in your eyes and lips a sense of relief.

The songs being played gave you comfort and felt at ease.

You are starting to feel better.

“You look great when you smile. Keep smiling.”

Complementing you as I saw your smile for the first time.

“Thanks,” You replied then look away as you drink your coffee.

“You don’t need to be shy, you look great as you are.”

I said, and lean on towards you wiping your tears from your cheeks.

“Wait for me here, I’ll be right back.”

I whispered to your ear.

I head towards an Ice Cream stand, watching you from afar.

Enjoying the night, as if all your worries have faded away.

Holding two cones of ice cream, you were busy watching the band.

I sat next to you and apply some ice cream on your cheeks.

Immediately, that caught your attention.

You played along and apply some on my nose and cheeks too.

Before we decided to enjoy and eat the ice cream.

Seeing you happy was just all I need to complete my night.

Time to time, you keep looking at me smiling with all your heart.

I would also respond with a smile,

Through our eye contact as if saying,

“It’s alright, I’m just right here. Will never leave you alone.”

I’m so glad I was able to make you happy.

It’s getting close to midnight and it’s getting late.

Saying goodbye and separating ways are things I hate.

It breaks my heart, but got no choice but to just accept it.

Just sincerely hoping, there’s more next time with you.

One last hug, before we walk different ways back home.

As you are walking down the street,

I look back and watch you walking slowly making distance.

Hoping you’d at least wave back one last time,

But you didn’t.

Disappointed, I started walking back to reach home soon.

That’s when you turned back and again your tears starts to fall.

Was it because of overwhelming happiness?

Or sadness by the fact we may never see each other again?

You wipe your tears and forcefully crack a smile.

“Keep Smiling. You are beautiful.”

My words suddenly flashback through your mind.

That made you smile the entire evening.

As you close your eyes calling it a night,

Still trying your best not to cry and give in to mental breakdown,

You hug your pillow and smile as wide as your lips can til you fell asleep.

Always remember,

Your smile can make a huge difference and impact to others.

Lift each other’s life and days with a smile and a helping hand.

Show some love and care when you see someone in need.

No hate and discrimination, no matter what gender or race.

Be a blessing to yourself and to others.

Accept and respect differences and diversity,

For a more inclusive and welcoming world.

We can face struggles and problems better when together.

You are not alone, there are communities out there to help.

There is always hope, just keep smiling.

If you just trust, you’ll see the light of hope.

Just hold on a bit tighter, things will get better.

That’s the promise of our dearest Creator and Savior.

You’ll never be forsaken if you just believe in his words.

This year was yet another rolling tumbling thrilling ride of emotions,

Some lost their homes, some lost their loved ones.

Some are still fighting battles we know nothing about,

But still remains strong and braving the storm.

If you’ve got no achievements to be proud of,

Just being able to withstand all trials this year,

And making it through alive and kicking,

That alone is one thing you should be proud of.

Continue to fight for what is right and what you deserve.

Never give up even through the toughest times.

Soar High!

You’ve been doing great to make it this far.

Keep it up and be proud of yourself.

Whatever happens,

Always be humble and thankful.

Be happy and keep smiling.

With genuine happiness, you’ll see how beautiful you are.

Inside out.

Stay blessed and humble.

Just Relax and Continue to Breathe.

Enjoy Life.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador