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Keep Pushing The Envelope

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Watch It Expand

We can look at so many times that have passed

Things we have accomplished

Lessons that we have learned

New thoughts that have brought us to this point

There is no limit

Even when we were having trouble

The situation would change over time

To bring about a whole new bunch of circumstances

Ready or not

It is here to stay

Until one day

It leaves without notice

We once again try to find our way

It is not unusual to see us scratching to the top

We take hard falls to the bottom

Nobody is to blame

No shame in trying

Seeing turned into doing

Action always speaks louder than words

We will find the energy

To make the difference in our lives and the lives of so many

Work is what we know

Creativity is my specialty

As I research and investigate

Any possible lead can turn our future around

Then as I practice

I keep looking for anything I might have missed before

To bring about necessary changes

I am always focusing on joining happiness in the making

Other people watch and stare

Thinking once again

Don't you dare

You might think this is a race

One winner will finish ahead of everyone else

I dream of it

More as a team

That we can succeed

Helping everyone grab someone's hand

Then we all can reach a level of pleasure

We didn't know existed

Because we have never experienced it before

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