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Keep Moving It Feels Right

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There Are Many Things We Can Do

We have to keep popping in suggestions

There are many life changes

Each time we can start fresh

Taking all the good from the years past

Even the toughest times have pushed us beyond our limits

I often snack on apples, grapes and plums

The fruits taste so good and give me a natural high

It is important to have a positive attitude

Always keep looking for new thoughts and ideas

This way you don't get trapped in an old habits

That might of served you at one time

But no longer helps you in any way

Be careful

Old memories can help move us in the direction we want

They can also hold us back

So it is a fine line we can't always see

I find when I go up and beyond

The little more I do

Blends the line and the best will pop

Like a balloon

Sudden and unexpected

When I am doing my daily chores

I let my mind wander

Thinking of ideas

I want to accomplish next

A run through an imaginary things to do list

After awhile it becomes second nature

Later I will put it on paper

Then circle the things I don't get to do

Draw a line through the things I finish

I date the lists and stack them together

This way things not done can be carried forward

I get a cool reminder of everything I have accomplished

It becomes a great motivator

Little tricks that keep me happy

Even days that I don't finish a lot

I get to reflect and remember

Oh ya I forgot about that kitchen chair

That the rungs were loose

The fan that we pulled apart to dust inside

Then we had the toughest time putting back together

The vacuum that broke

Then we bought another one

The old one we were able to fix

The new one never worked right

So we went back to using the old one

We can't possibly remember

All things that we do

That make us feel so much better

Some days we just hang out

Then other days we are full steam ahead

Like a ferry boat moving across the river

We may never be as fast as a speed boat

In time we get where we want to be

Enjoying the scenery

As our mood changes and so do our attitudes

I often tune into nature

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