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Keep Her

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


Do you love her?
If yes, why?
If not yet, why?
If no, why?

Do you not love her when she smiles?
A smile you have caused.
Do you not love her when she laughs at your jokes,
Even when it's not funny?

You may not know,
But she's been growing.
She's been watering herself since the beginning.
And now, it is your turn to help her grow.

Or are you already slowly falling for her?
The way she just captures your attention.
The way she understands you as you.
Can you see beneath her physical attributes?

Can you see right through her?
How her smile widens at the sight of your name on her phone?
Can you see that while you are falling for her,
She had already fallen for you?

She just wants you to first show it.
Show her the you love her.
Show her that you care.
Please, show her.

Never lead someone on
And then just leave.
Please, when you have someone who cares and loves you for you
Even when you're annoying.
Keep them.

People who stays with you through thick and thin?
Are very much worth the fight and love you intend to give.

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