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Keep Eyes Looking for Longing

halley is a man who often pour the hearts and feelings through a poem. the beauty of the words of a message of peace that can unite differen



Glimpse Point of light entering and penetrating behind the eyelids.

giving memories and shadows. On time, tomorrow.

today, how much light you can see and enjoy.

then quiet, slowly back dark.

Look with your eyes dear.

Look at pictures and paintings.

Then say the words and talk beautifully.

To show Behavior, to try to keep good.

Give a glowing Gaze, because the light you seek sometimes goes away.

Begin again for you to watch and enjoy when Eyes are given the ability to see the light.

Begin again because when closed eyes, we can no longer keep or the body where it is.

I let the wishes of the eyes, wishing he was always awake and not closed.

Through this eye we can look at each other and expect.

Let us both see and wound in the dark sky by the shadows.

Let this eye miss the smile of the forefront before the loved ones.
like a starry sky up there.

Let the eyes give a message to feelings and hearts for you to understand the "moon".

That face again I will get.

Unnecessary empty gaze, Unfeeling gaze.

Like being looking at a memorable photo when it's deserted.

back again, as we look at the night.

With a hope, you and I find the moon, to guide and light up. the way we passed.

As a star that does not shine due to longing.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro