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Katrina's Coldness

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.


Riders on the Storm

Riders In The Storm

Twisting You Around

In A Muse Unravel Way

Leaving You Stranded

Like A Dog With No

One To Love

Chasing A Bone

That There Chains

Stops Them From


A Simple Treat

Their Forbidden

To Taste

Protecting Their

Home They Can't

Spinning You On The Tail

Of A Filthy Dirty Wolf

That's On The Hunt

And A Dog Will Bite

His Tail

But A Wolf Will

Eat You Up

Are You The

Foolish One

Not Guarding

The Gates Of

Your Home For


In Which You

Knew The Storm

Was Coming

And Now An Empty

Feeling Floods You

Like A Dam Walls

That Broke Open

No Where To Run


So Your Just

Stuck Sitting

Upon Your Roof

Just Like New Orleans

During The Storm

Homes Submerged

In Dirty Mercury

Water That Smells

Tainted By Pollution

Waiting To Be

Rescued Off

Roof Tops

Cold Storms Blow

In From The North

And South And Then

Every One Got


From East To West

In Which You Have

No Time To Digest

The News

The Flood Gates

Broke Open

There Is No

Escape Plan

The Sorm Is Here

Victims In The Storm

And There Are

Riders On The Storm

Cashing In On You.

You Forgot Your Fishing Net

Can't Fish For Food

To Eat

Now Your

Sitting On

A Roof Top

Hungry And

All Alone

Riders On The Storm

Neighborhood Are

Being Robbed

Thieves Are On The Prey

Stalking Out The Weak

Taking All





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