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Kashmir is bleeding

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I mainly focus on the Social Issues. I raise my voice by writing poems and articles against alleged acts in the world.


Lock down, Turn off, Shut down,
Discarded all modes of communications,
The 34th day of curfew and no Beamish sound,
Nothing happened accidentally,

Indian troops dashed into houses,
Butchered innocent infants, abducted women and assaulted them to death,
Screams of teenagers slayed due to sexual voilence,
No freedom, no respect but kashmiri's will fight till their last breath,

I bow to none but Allah,
This humanitarian disaster and ill-treated behavior is not acceptable,
Shadows of grief, gloominess gathered all around,
Allah, you know behind all that who is responsible,

Please help Kashmir,
Kashmir is bleeding,

Please help Kashmir,
Kashmir is bleeding,

Sara Shahid.

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