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Karma Is a Watch Dog


Standing in the lane with your thoughts

In dilemma whether to choose the path or you

I am leaving you and I know in your dreams

I will be in the red lips and bold eyes.

You will be missing me each day, each minute and each seconds

But I am leaving you in the urn to purify yourself

The sin which committed on me is unforgivable

I am not a holy mother to forgot your ill things

Instead I am your karma dressed in a human form

You can go wherever you want

You can hide wherever you find place

But my memories will follows you and taunts you

Because darling I am a fucking bitch who waits

For your return, not to love you again

Instead to see how you suffers without me

My fire in me burn you into ashes within a second

My coldness freezes you to death

I am not going to unleash anything on you

Instead one fine day

You will cherish the days with me and perish yourself.

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