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Stages of Infatuation Explored in Two Poems

Red is a Youth Center Director who loves writing inspiring poems, stories and articles and publishes them online.


The dictionary defines infatuation as "an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something." Interestingly, the word itself comes from the Latin word which means silly or foolish.

There are two stages of infatuation: the captive phase and the release phase. The captive phase is the stage when a person gets overly passionate for someone or something. An infatuated person becomes so obsess that the object of his or her infatuation occupies the mind most of the time.

The release phase is the stage when the person realizes the futility and foolishness of his or her obsession. It could be due to unattended advances, unexpected negativity or just plain rejection. Initially this causes the feeling of being heartbroken. It is the same as experiencing a loss that may result to a personal crisis. A person undergoing the release phase may go through the stages of grief. In the end the person gets to acceptance.


The Captive Phase: Kaleidoscopic Obsession

Is it my face you always remember?

Is it me you always think about?

Do I rule your brain asunder?

Do my memories melt your doubt?

Always your stare feels strangely close,

Reaching forth through hopeless cores.

Like gates of the sky, thorns of the rose,

And ode to lasting prose.

Nights of dark, sleepless turning,

Igniting memories anew.

Cold winds, silently sighing,

Set this tearless face blue.

How could I dare to blank over you

Once your eyes come to meet mine?

Can't even stop the twisted heartbeat,

This kaleidoscopes of love entwined.

It’s your face I always remember.

It’s you I always think about.

You rule my brain asunder.

Your memories melt my doubt.


The Release Phase: About a Girl (She's That)

She's that girl I saw one morning;

Who made my sleepy eyes far-staring.

The girl who kept my mind day-dreaming

And made my day so bright and gleaming.

She's that girl that drew hearts in my face;

In my frugal mind it tool place.

She made me whole, piece by piece

Until I was completely crazed.

She's that girl who makes me sigh;

When she looks at me, I want to cry.

When she turns her back, I feel so dry.

When she talks to me, I believe I can fly.

But she's that girl who broke my heart

and left it bleeding, torn apart.

The girl who made her brand new start

and left me, one unfinished art.

Have you gone through infatuation?

Most infatuation stories are relegated to teenagers. I believe adults get infatuated too. How was your experience? How did you overcome it? What things do adults get infatuated to?

© 2019 Red Fernan