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Kaleidoscope of Chaos

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Day turned into night as Dawn's early light never materialized

Sun took a vacation under some rather dark clouds

Gloom and doom took over the landscape

Filled the viewers with a sense of dread of what was coming

Lurking around every dark corridor waiting to attack

Arisen to a new reality that came from a cheap horror movie

The direct to video kind with subpar special effects

Had little substance and cliché ridden scares

Where the villain seemed to be unstoppable

Ready for Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees to go away

Looking upon the horizon for a brighter future

No longer worried about the boogeyman around every corner

Wearing comfortable shoes and not carrying a weapon

To fight off real and imaginary bad guys

Searching for the sun to come out tomorrow via Annie

Minus the need for excessive musical numbers

Too illogical to fit in with a realistic narrative

Time to make a clean break from this quagmire

Climbing up from the bowels of something impossible

Not insurmountable; just plain messy and complicated

A sticky situation without an easy exfiltration in sight

Ready to hit the reset button and find a new plan

Unable to reach it due to numerous obstacles

Heavy and thorny objects meant to frustrate and hinder

Another monster coming out of the woodwork to fight

Not giving them a chance to win this time

Decided on not being Ms. Nice Girl anymore

Received nothing but grief by being overly solicitous

Been instructed to develop a fighting spirit by the masses

Finally, gave into the request by popular demand

Developed a strong desire to kick butt and take names

Unwilling to give up, give in and take anything

People wanted to see the dark side of this genial creature

It's been earned tenfold after years of turning the other cheek

Made the decision to not go quietly this time

Now is the time to stand up and fight back

Against time and anything else that stands in our way!

Looking for those clouds to disappear.

Looking for those clouds to disappear.

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