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Justification Nation

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


What can't we justify?

What is our destination

Justification Nation

What can't we justify,

can this nation no longer cry?

If all eyes were to be fixed upon you...

which subjects would you not broach; categorize as off-limits, label as taboo?

With each new day, a greater turning away from Founder, Framer, Father, Lord -

What is the meaning behind the words, "live by the sword and die by the sword"?

When is enough, enough,

when will there be an awakening

What will it take for this once Godly Nation to do

the things which we know, we were formed and created to do?

Life Matters

Are yet to be born babies really babies or are they just physical matter,

justified my entire life, dismissed, stamped out and labeled as, the latter!

Otherwise, within the light of each new day, how could we dare show our face?

The past can't be undone, but we can get passed, such a National {make that world} disgrace

Life has been devalued, humans kill humans, we see the images each and every day

It's blamed on this, it's blamed on that, but it cannot blamed away

Christians and Jews aren't seen as people, in many places far away,

just in-the-way obstacles, praying incessantly that Satan will stay away, just one more day

Here in this land, we dismiss so much; the meaning of things change and no one says a single word

What's good is bad and what's bad is good and an outcry, seldom, if ever, is heard!

We do not want to be 'that one' that dares to stand apart and so...

we disengage, we turn away, wondering how far is gone and will we actually go?

How numbered?

We turn our backs on those who are hurting and then we regret, when it becomes, too late

We attempt to justify not being there, then we chalk it up to fate

How many leave this earth thinking...that they never really mattered?

How many leave this earth heartbroken, how many leave completely shattered?

It's so easy for us to glom on, if it means being a part of the crowd

Even when our little voice whispers, even when our conscience is deafening loud!

Although everything within us is fighting, not to do the things which we do

We get caught up in the moment, we lose sight of what we value, we lose sight of what is true

So we've become a justification nation, how did we allow this to be -

how does it all turn out, what do you foresee?

We repeat lies as truth, when we know to do better, we fall short in so many ways,

I wonder, do you wonder sometimes as do I, just how numbered are our days?

© 2018 A B Williams

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