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Justice for my Heart

Judy finished school at La Consolacion College Manila with a degree of BSBA Major in Financial Management.

I never knew it would be this hard

Letting you go is never in my part

Choosing you is always on my heart

But choosing you also breaks my heart

Why is it so hard to leave?

To where my heart cannot forgive

The reason of the dimples on my cheeks

You are the only one, I believe

The place where our hearts connect

Is also the place I’m forever wrecked

But how can I forget

The sweet smile you wear makes my heart melt

My mind tells me to be strong

To the situation I belong

Then my heart asked what’s going on

Is this the past I’m still holding on?

In some instances, I deserve a life

With my own family, I know I’ll be a good wife

To my future husband please take your time

I’ll be waiting even if its longtime

© 2019 Judy Ann Sollestre

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