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Just Let Me Love You


I remember

The summer heat

unforgiving and intolerable

And yet the thought of not holding you even more so.

I remember

Dreading every turn

that brought me one step closer to home and a few farther from you

Not realising

Why I felt more at home with you

than I did within those four walls that encased all of my safest sounds.

Your laugh,

a balm for any and all grievances I might've had with the day.

I remember

The day I walked home,

not knowing if things between us would be as they were before.

I remember

Walking up to you the day after,

taking comfort in your all too familiar smile as I let myself be held in the solace of your arms.

And I knew that it would be okay.

That we would be okay.

You once asked me if I would remember you.

My answer remains what it was back then.


for I would never forget you.

You, whose presence in my life is as familiar as the blood pulsating through my veins, as familiar as every breath that draws life into my being.

You, who will eternally hold a part of me within your grasp.



© 2021 Leisha R

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