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Just be There

Fill my void with the sweetness of your smile.
Spend the night with me watching shooting stars.
Stay until I forgot my troubles and kiss me on the
Caress my rough hair and hold my hand in bliss
Fill the gaps of my heart with your love.
Take away my sadness and doubts.
Although I might not do anything for you, I hope
you'll stay because you liked being by my side too.
I'll be gentle, I'll do anything that will make you stay
I will kiss you, give you my blanket whenever you
feel cold.
I'll buy you anything you wanna hold.
If ever you become bored or annoyed by me,
please understand that sometimes I feel insecure
about myself you see.
Please, understand that when I'm not talking and
just spacing out on the corner, I am just fighting the
despair I feel inside, harder.
Every time my hand shakes, and my face is filled
with sadness, I am just trying to overcome my
coldness. Please, even just for a while, be by my
side and tell me that I'll be fine.



Kate (author) from Imus on July 11, 2021:

Thank you so much for the positive words. Appreciate it so much.

manatita44 from london on July 11, 2021:

I'll be happy to hold your hand ... let your inner Light shine with a sincerity and purity of Heart which is already there. Sweet angel that you are, should not be crushed. A most heartfelt and beautiful piece! Higher blessings and welcome here. - Lantern Carrier

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