Just a Game

Updated on January 24, 2018

As I lay down in bed

Tears covered my eyes

The world phased out

This world full of lies

Now a puddle formed

As sorrow touched the ground

Cheer, joy, happiness

Never to be found

I kept hearing his voice

Beyond my bedroom door

That nasty voice of his

Now began to roar

Soon his hands upon me

They beat me black and blue

I took on all his anger

Now I was ready too

The floor hosted water

As the water hosted blood

Next it was to be my turn

Now he’ll start to dread

I heard him make his way back

I heard him start to cry

I took him by his collar

And got ready to see him die

But I couldn’t kill him you see

For that’s how you lose the game

Take a beating, give a beating

Leave your morals behind in chains

Play along with your brother

That’s what the instructions said

For killing him is much more simple

Then leaving him on the verge of death

© 2018 Vivek


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