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Just a Few Drops


Gold, rust, crystalline ornaments
A drink too many, last night's celebrations ensured
The cat still perched at the window looks at him with pathos bound fright
As the eyes scroll up and down the glimmering reflections on shelves,
The satiated tongue leads the way in frame.

The branched shadow crawls the walls
The street lights and the car spots play till dawn
Fresh blooms from a nearby store
Meets a whiff of garbage as the covers close
A nauseated dilemma of what lies next
The liquor cabinet is almost bare right then.


Maybe just one pint or two
Not harsh road drinking but a mere mild hold
The mind will remain fresh if it's just a glass full
He won't be called a nuisance if it's suited to the chic bowl.

But the night grows old as the first rays smile
The shutter will close and so will the cat's eye
Playing slots with a simple mind to make
But it seems tough as the radar loses its aim.

© 2020 Tiyasha Maitra

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