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Just a Dream: A Poem of Lost Love

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Daniel is a 31 year old, burgeoning artist. He has many interests, with a passion for professional wrestling and writing poetry.

Just a Dream

Last night, I had a dream
And you were there
With beautiful, brown eyes
And flowing, black hair
I told you I missed you,
More than you could ever know
You told me it's time,
That I had to let go.

I awoke, in a sweat
And asked aloud, "why?"
I nearly broke down,
With a tear in my eye.
I sat up in bed,
I could've sworn you were there,
With beautiful, brown eyes
And flowing, black hair.

But as I started to wake,
As I fully came to,
I realized that my dream
Was too good to be true.
You aren't here anymore,
And though I try to stay strong,
It's been three lonely years
Since you've been gone.

What once was my life
Has become just a dream
And I'm still so confused,
I just want to scream.
You may be gone now
But the memory's still there,
And I miss your brown eyes
And your flowing, black hair.

-Daniel Kinnunen, 2018

Love and Loss

When we lose people close to us, it can be extremely difficult to learn to live without them. I know because I lost someone very close to me, nearly three years ago. It has been a long road without her. Although we hadn't spoken in months at the time of her passing, I knew that I could always count on her to be there when I truly needed her. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

I often have dreams that remind me of her, and I wake up expecting her to be there, even to this day. These dreams often feel so real and they remind me of happier times. Then, I awake to find that I'm alone and I am reminded that she's been gone for a long time, now. As much as that hurts, I know that she still lives on in my memories.

I know that I will always carry her memory, but I also know that it is time to move on with my life; as difficult as that may be. All I can do now is look back at the five years that we did spend together and remember the lessons that relationship taught me. Though we had broken up two years before her unexpected passing, I truly believed we were meant to be together. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. One day, I hope I find another love as true as the love that I held for her.

Some of us have a tendency to take others for granted. This experience taught me that you never know when someone may leave your life, forever, and you should appreciate the few people that truly care about you while they're still in your life. By the time they're gone, it's too late to let them know just how much they mean to you. I will never take another person for granted, as long as I live.

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