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Just When You Think You've Won the Game the Opposing Team Knocks It out of the Ball Park

I am an avid Cardinal fan, rarely missing a game. My disappointment is evident in my choice of dialog, but replays, I can do without.


The Cardinals start out with a winning bang

The Stars Spangled Banner played so beautifully

The Cards and Braves played so endlessly

The eager crowd roaring so happily

The Cards ahead, the Braves trailing so tirelessly

Ruby and Ray yelling, " Go Cards go "

The Cards ahead, three to zero

We're on our feet yelling " Bader ( cute butt ) go man go

Then Carpenter is up, his bat on fire

They walk him, his shoulders sag, he was sooo ready his gun was for hire

Now it's the bottom of the ninth

The Braves up, hoping to end this struggled strife

Hicks is pitching, he's just a kid

His arm wicked, doing his bid

The Braves bag a home run

Two on base, that gives them a tie, It's like they loaded up a Tommy gun

the Cards up, Miller pitching, Hicks in the bull pen looking down

The Braves crowd on fire, this is the last round

I'm on the edge of my seat with mouth wide open and a pitiful frown

Now it's up to the Cards to show their stuff

As for me, too much excitement, have I had enough?

My bed is calling, yet I can't leave

Come on Cards, I feverishly need a reprieve

We're tied three to three

Look at me, I'm down on one knee

It's the last of the ninth, the Cards are up again

They do nothing, I've lost my hopeful grin

It go's into overtime the tenth inning

I start to hope again, just like in the beginning

The Braves get a run, now it's three to four

The Cards are finished, they couldn't even score

So another disappointing evening, excitement turns to glum

If Carpenter had gotten his promised home run

It's now time to hit the sack

Oh yes, I'll be coming back!

My throat is raspy from yelling out loud

I'm just happy I'm home and not among the crowd.


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