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Just Seize That Moment

The Moment Of Peace!

The Moment Of Peace!

Many times in our life, we wish we could turn back the clock. There are many times when nature rings a bell and asks us to stop and observe, observe and learn; how many marvels and knowledge nature has preserved in itself for us to learn is limitless, but very few of us take a pause and learn from it. I want to seize a lot of such moments; I want them to never pass and to come to a halt for me so that I can enjoy them, observe their beauty, and learn from them endlessly.

I believe we are so addicted to modern technological marvels that we often fail to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us: the starry sky, the wooded region, the shallow seas, the blue sky, the scent of wet soil, or the stormy clouds. We fail to see and appreciate it.

Nature is a part of us, and it is what completes us. Nature love indicates the union of the human soul with nature's beauty. Let's talk about love, lying in a woodland glade and watching the clouds gently moving when the mind is clear and the heart is full of calm and peace. When the sound of rainfall on the ledge does not disturb, but instead offers serenity and relaxation, erasing all the memories of troubles.

I like how the water flows, how it makes waves, and how the murmur of those waves tells me stories long gone and those that are still unknown. The tales about the realm under the surface of the sea. It only talks to me if I listen to it; it has thousands of things to tell me, and I have millions of things to observe and learn from it. It has seen thousands of years of existence, the rise and fall of empires, the taking of countless lives, and the creation of many things. It has a lot to share.

— Misbah Sheikh

When we go out and explore our surroundings, we gain a lot of beautiful experiences, which is something very delightful about life. Unfortunately, we can't express all of these vivid memories in words, but we can try to do so. So here I'd like to express some of the amazing things I observe and learn from my surroundings; please pause for a while and try to enjoy it with me. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

The sky is magnificent, limitless, and serene. So I love it. I like how the colors change, how the clouds move, how everything in it makes me pause and think.

The sky is magnificent, limitless, and serene. So I love it. I like how the colors change, how the clouds move, how everything in it makes me pause and think.

Just Seize the Moment

I wish to seize the moment, when

Trees teach me peace

When the water shows me its transparency

I wish to seize the moment, when

The sky talks to me from the canopy of its bluish sheen

When the rain sings its autumn freshness' songs

I wish to seize the moment, when

Spring takes birth from winter

When the sun gives warmth to life

I wish to seize the moment, when

The book is open to the passing dream.

When its pages swipe under the infinite words and scenes

I want to grab all these moments,

Nestle them, and feed them.

Hop with them like a kid.

I wish I could capture more of these moments!

Endlessly, tirelessly and lovingly forever and ever. . .

“If ever I to the moment shall say:

Beautiful moment, do not pass away!

Then you may forge your chains to bind me,

Then I will put my life behind me,

Then let them hear my death-knell toll,

Then from your labors, you'll be free,

The clock may stop, the clock-hands fall,

And time come to an end for me!”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

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