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Just Maybe You Can Help ?

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I Have Been Looking Everywhere

It is not an easy task

I have to be real quiet

Then I can't be so quiet not to speak up when the time is right

I can look for days

Sometimes in only a few minutes

I will see

Something that looks so familiar

I felt it but wasn't so sure

When you feel down

Not your chipper self and kind of blah

If it's cold that took you for a loop

Maybe just a sad thought that makes you feel uncertain

I am here to help

I am looking for a troubled mind

One that needs a little attention

Maybe start with a hug

Yes, minds like hugs too

Oh, so you didn't know

That's o.k.

We all know something other people don't

No time to waste

Let's see how can I help?

So you're in a bad mood

You angry at the world

Now I find that how to believe

I have seen a lot of people in my life

I hate to tell you

Your one of the easiest cases

I wish more people would open up

Express their feelings

Good or bad

I am not here to judge

I am a spectator

I will do you know harm

I am just sitting way back in the audience

You can hardly see me

I am that little hand waving frantically back and forth

I am only here to help

I can sit and listen

I can talk a little

About what I have lost and missed

What pain I have experienced

Enough about me

This is about you feeling better

How can we move from point A to point B

We all can use a little help from time to time

I know you could do it yourself

It is the hard way

Think of it as taking a test

You can study and study

Then when you're ready to take the exam

You can be asked one hundred questions

Each one counts only for a point

After awhile the points add up

There are simply somethings we forget

Maybe not forever

Just for now or while we are taking a test

The pressure is on

Come on mind

Don't fail me now

You can feel the stress

Clammy palms and the sweat on your forehead

This is the first and only test of the year

Now let's forget all that

There is an easier way

I know you have worked really hard

I saw you studying all the time

Let's take the book out

The one you know from cover to cover

Here is the same test

It's an open book test

Bottled water and a snack

Don't forget to walk around and stretch when you get stiff or bored

Take your time

Put on your favorite music

Get in your most comfortable chair

Start when your are ready

I can tell you now

You aced it

With flying colors

Great job!

You want to come back to learn more

You are more than welcome

It was my pleasure to have seen you progress and do so well

Have a great day

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