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Just Like Every Firsts

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Just Like Every Firsts.

by:Gianella Labrador

Just Like First Love

Everything is risky.

Just like first love,

it keeps you excited.

Everything takes courage.

Each step you take,

no matter how heavy and shaky

those fragile limbs

No matter how much it scares you;

Taking the first move

Just like the first love,

You put trust in everything you do;

By heart, you give it your all.

Being in love for the first time,

Everything sparks.

Your eagerness, keeps you going.

One foot forward; one step ahead

What's waiting maybe scary,

Nevertheless, you won't weary.

Aiming for happiness and success.

Not every detail can go smooth,

Not every thing can go as planned,

Days may bring you to doubt,

Nights of over thinking,

Sometimes it'll make you upset,

Won't be able to understand a few.

Beat yourself up;

"Maybe I should just give up."

Next thing you know,

You're at it again,

trying your hardest.

Making up for what went wrong,

Compromising to settle misunderstandings,

'Cause that's love.

Everyone begins with something they love.

Gradually trying something new,

exploring the world of art.

Your first dish trying to make,

must've been your favorite.

Your first original composition,

might've been a love song.

Your first written short story

must've been a genre you're good at!

Every firsts though comes different.

If you don't find yourself doing something for a long time,

If it gives you more agony and anxiety,

If it doesn't make you happy and fulfilled,

Can you still see yourself suffer trying to love what's clearly isn't for you?

In finding for something you truly love,

Comes tons of trial and errors,

Experimenting what could work and what not.

It may lead you to go circles and scribbles,

Scratching your head as if it's gonna help,

Just when you're at the very edge of losing it,

Something comes your way.

Might be a sign, an instrument, a clue, or the exact answer.

Interpretations can be confusing too.

Mighty and wit those who can solve their own mysteries.

Pray harder to those struggling in misery.

Just like being in love,

Treasure and savour the Present.

If you spoil the future, because of the past;

Who do you think will suffer?

Make the most of every minute,

You'll never know what the next hour will be like.

Never go wrong by ending something you'll definitely regret.

Once done, edits can't be made.

Never go separate ways, if one is hurt and crying.

If it's love, you'd bid each other Goodbye with a Smile.

Willing to let go for the sake of Happiness.

Never go wrong by making a decision at the peak of your anger.

As your voice gets louder, stronger, and bolder.

I can hear you loud and clear.

Though, once a person is hurt and dismayed;

Feels like a long distance in between.

For if there were no distance made in between,

Anger isn't needed.

Just a talk to settle things out.

Clear your mind before you speak.

Once said, you won't be able to take it back.

Just like Love.

There are tons of hurdles a long the way.

Seasons that are so random it'll just surprise you.

There are good ones,like spring and cloudy weather not so hot nor so cold.

Everything is calm and happy as if luck is at your side.

Then there's extremely cold and hot weather.

Either way isn't just good for you.

But just how quick the weather can change,

so as every thing that bothers you will come to an end.

Just like Love,

you just have to hold on tight;

and Enjoy the ride.

Here is a catchy soundtrack of Count Your Lucky Stars for you! Listen to it as you read my poem! Hope it inspires you!

© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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