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Just How It Is

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Just How It Is

by:Gianella Labrador

Could this be love?
When I’m with you
Clock is ticking
Heart is beating
Can’t helped it
Falling and falling
Even deeper
Rain falling
Tears running
Heart aching
Isn’t it lonely?

Could this be love?
You and I
Story has began
When did it start?
Heart fluttering
Cheeks blushing
Laughing, Giggling
Are you happy?

Flutter your dreams
Sparkle into tomorrow
What do you dream about?

Can you hear it?
The sound that my heart makes
Right next to you
My heart is at race
Beating like crazy
Like the beat of a rock song

Can’t believe it’s happening
How could you be this mean?
You respond with a grin
Laughed as hard as you can
Time stopped
A groundbreaking silence
You took a step closer
Our eyes met

Heart’s beating louder
Still looking at you

What is about to happen
Shut my eyes
Patiently waiting
You pulled me closer
Just like how we met
Just like how we started
Your lips touches mine
It was sweet
A gentle touch
Caressed my cheeks
Hugging me ever so tightly
Just can’t get enough of you

Could this be love?
Two angels
Sent from above
Two hearts
Yearning to be loved
Can it possibly be…
A miracle?

Red string of fate
Destined to be yours?
Can this be true?
Falling in love with you
There’s no turning back
Enough with edits and ctrl Z
Hate to admit
Moon and stars help me
What should I do?
I’m madly in love with you.

It certainly is.
I’m in love with you
Now, what should I do?
Is this right?
When did it start?
My heart beating fast like this
Is this love?
How can this be possible?
Just like the song playing in my head
Just like that

Can you hear it?
The voice trying its very best
Can you feel it?
It beats like a drum roll

What could this mean?
Right. It’s you.
The name my heart has been calling
The voice I keep hearing
The man I keep yearning for
It has always been you.

Can you still remember?
That day…
When finally…
Fate has brought us back together
That day…
You finally…
Got your much awaited YES
We’ve run through circles
Had a rollercoaster ride
It was just a very long run

Can you hear me?
I’m right here
Right next to you
You held my hand
Pulled me close
“Everything will be fine.”
“Don’t worry.”

Laying my head above your chest
I reached for your hand
Holding on so tightly
Afraid of letting go
You pulled me right close to you
Giving me a tight hug
You mouthed:
“Let’s stay like this for a moment”

Could this be love?
Right it’s troublesome.
What should we do?
Mr. Troublemaker?
Can you be the pitcher?
I can be your team manager
Yes, I’m your princess
You’ll always be my prince.

This is terribly getting longer
Wondering how should I end this
Let me continue for a little while
Does it really have to end?
Just like having a moment with you

Can’t you stay a little longer?
I just can’t let this end
This feeling growing inside me
I just couldn’t let it fade
Just like letting you leave
Unaware of when you’ll be back
Just can’t help it

You promised you’ll keep coming back
I promised I’ll be just right here
Patiently waiting
Whatever this may be
Let us just wait and see

Before this could come to an end
I have a huge favor to ask
Can You be Mine Eternally?
To Infinity and Beyond
Meet once again
In a Paradise
Called Heaven
Just like how it all started
Fall into your arms once again
No one is stopping us

For the very last time
Before I end this,
Let me just say this five words
I Love You So Much

If I happen to be dreaming
Please, let me sleep a little longer…

© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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