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Just Fruits

Is it about only what you can see?
Is there nothing that faith can ever be?
If you watch a rock fall at your feet
Is your knowledge wall finally complete?
If in a grave you can no longer be seen
Will you then know what it all may mean?

Who might be the confusing one
The one to whom you choose to run?
Is it so easy to see the dawn in their eyes
Did you become a pawn for kinder lies?
Maybe it’s time for you to take it slow
They’re only pillow teeth and rainbows

So is my choice between street anarchy
Or the law uncaring about you or me?
Where is my power if it is cold and violent
Is my only choice to grow old and silent?
It is not perception upon which I knock
On my heart, hatred cannot place a lock

But must I reveal to you all that I am
Every thought, every mistake by my hand
Is it so that you would destroy me now
If it is that you could, tell me then how
For I want to know how it is that I leave
And what just fruits of faith will I receive