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Just Friends

You will never hear me say
That you and I are just friends.
We, who helped each other in
Times of need, were always there
Through thick and thin, as we should.

There is no "just" about our
Friendship. We live together,
We pay the bills together.
We laugh, love, and are partners
In all the ways that matter.
But for some reason, people
Insist we are what we're not.

They can't conceive of friends who
Act the way we act, are the
Way we are. Partners, always.
As though the only ones who
Can fill this role are the ones
Who are sleeping together.
Who have a romantic or
Sexual bond. But we don't.
We have never needed to.

They can't understand friends who
Will give comfort when they are
Scared. Or frightened. Or lonely.
They can't understand why we
Still live together, without
Sex or romance to bind us.

But you... You have held me when
I awoke, crying, from my
Nightmares. And I... I helped bathe
You when you were very ill.
Because we love each other.
Because we are friends, and that's
What friends are supposed to do.

When people ask if we are
"Just friends," I say, "No, we're not."
There is no "just," no "only,"
As though friendship is less than
Romance. As though friendship is
A step down from other things.
As though what we have is less
Than what married people share.

To say that we are "just friends"
Is to diminish all that
We are to each other. We
Are partners. Until the end.
Your lack of understanding
Cannot and will not change that.

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