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Just Ducky, A Waterfowl Poem

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.

Daffy, Donald, and Dingus

Daffy, Donald, and Dingus

What do Ducks Symbolize?

Ducks embody clarity, family, love, vigilance, intuition, nurturing, protection, feelings, self-expression, balance, grace and strength, among other things. The male duck is a figure of happiness, while the female is negative and sad, which doesn't sound so lucky. But perhaps that's where the balance comes in.

For me, Ducks signify humor because I grew up watching Daffy and Donald. I enjoyed the Marx Brother's Duck Soup. I heard my grandfather always say, You wanna buy a duck? and everyone laughed. I heard actors on TV telling each other not to be a sitting duck or soldiers saying duck! to avoid getting hurt. And Elmer Fudd used to hunt Bugs and Daffy in the cartoon Duck! Rabbit, Duck!

Whatever your own duck memories and meanings are, I hope all your ducks are in a row. Enjoy Just Ducky.

Poem: Just Ducky

Three mallard males—
Daffy, Donald, and Dingus
each with web feet
and fluffy rumps,
venture from the pond,
hardly a quack or a whistle,
looking for a quick snack
somewhere in the brush
Where do we go from here
now that we’re free?
Do we stick together
or flap our wings wildly?

The three quarreled a bit,
but learned to get along
in their travels through town,
checking out the newly cut lawns,
exploring the playgrounds,
avoiding the noisy kids
or men on speeding bikes
There is a time for exploring,
and a time to stay close
The mallards waddle on instinct
not knowing where and when,
they’ll be roasted or glazed Mandarin.

Video Poem: Just Ducky by Mark Tulin

© 2021 Mark Tulin

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