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Just Before We Die: Lessons of the Leaves

Sometimes poetry is able to capture our sentiments better than long explanations. I hope this poem reaches you in this way.


The falling leaves

from the trees

caught my eye.

They make me sad,

they make me glad

at the same time.

These mixed emotions compel me to wonder why

a leaf should be it's best just before it dies.

I wonder if the same applies to you and me.

Is there a lesson somewhere hidden in the leaves,

secrets revealed to us just as they fly,

that we should be our best just before we die?

A kaleidoscope of beauty drifting there before our eyes,

some floating to the ground others soaring through the skies.

As I watch them both I ask, "which one am I,

and will I be like them, my best, just before I die?"

Sometimes it seems that there is too much to know,

information God won't give.

Then I see the answer already shown,

the leaves have taught me how to live.

Work hard while I am young

when all my strength is there,

give to all who ask of me,

and share the fruit I bear.

Give shade to weary travelers,

shelter from stormy skies.

He who does these things will be his best...

just before he dies.


© 2018 Leland Johnson

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