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Just Another Broken Down Jalopy

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started to feel like life turned into a game

Where the dominoes were placed out neatly

One tilt to the left and then the rest fell rather chaotically

Sacrificed the altar of order for one of uncertainty

Further and further away from the smooth sailing dream

That now seemed millions of miles away from reality

A lot of mystery and questions plagued many

Wondered if I was somehow to blame for this

Knew that genetics were a huge factor

Just wished those elements weren't all attacking at once

Surrounded by internal stressors that made looking ahead

Too impractical to think about at this juncture

Realized that the need to be tolerant of niceties evaporated

A pointless waste of time to be polite to ingrates

That didn't often know what day of the week it was

Often focused on looking backwards instead of practical matters

Done with playing games that should be left at the schoolyard

Prepared to walk ahead even if the terrain was rough

Tried to look on the brighter side of equations

Positive notes always erased far too soon

All that remained were the sharp edges

That caused large cuts and bruises

When trying to get around to the other side of it

Don't know how many more gashes a person can handle

Before going into a full blown private screaming match

One player allowed in this nightmarish party

Received the short end of a lot of sticks

When it comes any type of lotteries

Body, Mind and Spirit too beat up to smile

Ready to have a month long slumber

Mrs. Rip Van Winkle in need of an escape

Time to turn off the fearful thoughts and agonizing

Need a moment to rebound from the latest speed bump

Thought that this car model was a lemon

Might be to some; not to everyone

In search of a decent tune up and some R&R

Definitely due after the bad weather had this week.

Just another run of bad luck.

Just another run of bad luck.

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