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Just a Sinner


I've been through the road of darkness,

Still, You showed me your goodness.

Though I deserved to be punished,

Still, You lead me not to perish.

Many times I let You down,

Still, You showed me forgiveness that abounds.

Many times I ignored Your presence,

But all through my life, You repaid it with kindness.

If I get dismayed, I tend to lose my temper,

But on me, You're always slow to anger.

How we are so opposite in many ways,

You don't get tired showering me, Your grace.

There was a time I thought I can do things on my own,

But You said You'll never forsake or leave me alone.

Oh, I was so ashamed to talk to You,

I don't know how to repay You.

You took my place on the punishment I deserve,

A long time ago at the cross of calvary, You gave.

Dying on the cross is not that easy,

But You did because of Your great love for me.

Thanking You is not enough at all,

But I hope You'll find me faithful.

Now, because of the gift of salvation, my life is at ease,

For I'm just a sinner saved by grace!