Jurassic RHYMES

Updated on November 16, 2017

Jurassic Park 1

He saved us

JOHN HAMMON created a park.
Created a theme park called Jurassic Park.
A park full of cloned dinosaurs.
But gets more than it's bargained for.
When a handler is killed one night.
Investors demand more security on site.
Are stunned to see a live dinosaur.
When people visit.
They learn of the dinosaurs' existence.
DNA was extracted from mosquitos.
But they controlled the way they grow.
They created them all female.
IAN MALCOLM scoffs at the idea.
He declared that they'd break down
While witnessing a raptor birthing out.
Birthing out another raptor.
While inside of the disclosure.
During a company luncheon.
They discuss the Park's creation.
Malcolm gives them a warning.
About the genetic engineering.
Meanwhile, Lex and Tim Murphy.
Comes to the park, hoping to see.
Hoping to see the dinosaurs.
But they fail to appear on the tour.
They encounter a sick Triceratops.
Which causes the tour to stop.
Then a storm hits the island.
Which causes it to completely end.
Most are forced to evacuate.
But two agree to stay.
Meanwhile, DENNIS NEDRY.
Deactivates the park's security.
Just to gain access.
To the embryo storage.
Nedry listens to LEWIS DODGSON.
Stealing because Dodgson wants it.
He stores the fertilized embryos.
In a can disguised as bristol.
Supplied by Dodgson to hide it.
He letter plans to take it.
Nedry causes the power to out.
The tour vehicles are stuck out.
Stuck out on the tour path.
The fences are deactivated as well.
The T-Rex then escapes.
Grant, Lex, and Tim also escape.
Meanwhile, Nerdy runs to the island docks.
He is then forced to stop.
Nerdy is then killed.
While the T-Rex runs and kills.
It is very much at large.
They search for survivors.
But only find one survivor.
Grant finds the kids shelter.
While there they also discover.
The dinosaurs are breeding.
The information they give is misleading.
They cannot decipher Nerdy's Code.
So they bring in RAY ARNOLD.
Arnold suggests rebooting the system.
He goes to start rebooting the system.
But when he fails to return.
They found that he's released the raptors.
Now raptors roaming.
Many predators are on the roll.
They are chased by the raptors.
But the t-rex is their savior.

Jurrassic Park:The Lost world

A wealthy family was on vacation.
On their boat visiting different places.
But an ISLAND was one of the stops they made.
It came with a price that only life could pay.
That vacation spot has a long story.
A huge, Jurassic history.
John Hammond once led the company.
That created that history.
He passed it to PETER LUDLOW.
Plans to alleviate those financial.
Those financial losses in Jurassic Park.
IAN MALCOLM wants it to start.
That island was vacant for years.
But it is one of hurt and many fears.
Dinosaurs were created on that Island.
Malcolm wanted to go to that island.
To retrieve someone that stayed.
SARAH HARDEN stayed during the Jurassic days.
He teams up with two friends.
Eddie Carr and Nick Van Owen.
Upon their arrival to on the island.
They find Sarah and the daughter of Ian.
They then run into another team.
Full of hunters and Mercenaries.
Aiming to catch several dinosaurs.
ROLAND TEMBO hopes to find more.
By using cries to lure it in.
Cries of an injured T-Rex infant.
That night Ian and his team.
Sneak into a camp discovering.
Discovering that the dinosaurs Captured.
Will become the main attraction.
So they freed those that were captured.
Those Dinosaurs wrecked Havoc.
They also freed a the T-Rex infant.
That had a broken leg and they attended.
Attended to it. Nursed to health.
While its parents realized they were to helped.
But they still tried destroying the trailer.
The parent's tip over the trailer.
Pushing it to the edge of a cliff.
But Ian's team is rescued from falling off the cliff.
That next night those parents followed the camp.
Their infant's blood scent led them to the camp.
The female chases them to a waterfall cave.
Devouring the team along the way.
Roland tranquilizes the male.
While Nick calls for rescue on the trail.
They reach the location they tried to reach.
Evading raptors while rescue is within reach.
The male t-Rex is captured.
But the crew is killed moments after.
The T-Rex is accidentally released.
It escapes and wrecks havoc in the city.
But is lured away from the city.
Back to the island where it's supposed to be.

Jurassic Park 3

A family decides to have fun.
Near the Island, that's surely abandoned.
That island is populated with dinosaurs.
They encounter an unknown one while they soar.
Soar in the sky. Eventually, they get away.
Meanwhile, back in the united states.
Dr. ALAN GRANT becomes famous.
Invited to give huge speeches.
About raptors and all type of dinosaurs.
While he tries to replicate a Velociraptor.
He's invited to dinner one night.
By a wealthy couple wanting insight.
Insight about the island.
Wanting to fly there to investigate it.
Grant us very reluctant.
The money is good but it may not be worth it.
He eventually decides.
Taking his assistant along for the ride.
While flying there he has a nightmare.
A nightmare that a raptor stands there and stares.
Staring right there in his face.
Then his assistant wakes.
Wakes him to a fleet of dinosaurs.
Introducing them to all on the tour.
But the wealthy couple Paul and Amanda.
Wanted to personally tour the island.
So they landed the plan thinking it's harmless.
While Dr, Grant warns them about it.
They try to escape and see a predator.
Then crash the plan and the predator.
Meets them and forces them out of the plane.
Paul and Amanda see what Dr. Grant was saying.
Eventually, the group escapes.
But not with casualties along the way.
Grant demands an explanation.
He learns the reason why they landed.
Those survivors that were lost in the beginning.
Was their Son and they were searching.
Searching a predator island.
They thought it was all innocent.
They encounter raptors along the way.
Forcing the group to separate.
The raptors catch one of the survivors.
Instead, the raptors kill they just injure.
But keeping him alive so he'd lure the rest in.
Eventually killing him in before departing.
Grant suspects the Raptors are searching.
He observed two of them communicating.
Four of them corner him.
But their son Eric saves him.
They hear the phone ringing.
Eric and Grant are reuniting.
Reuniting with his parents.
While they are still battling.
Battling the predators.
While grant has raptors eggs in the store.
Those eggs provoked the raptors.
But they end up Surrendering it.
& they escape the island.

Jurassic World

ZACH & GRAY MITCHELL visit the island.
The island that became famous.
Famous for disasters that occurred years ago.
But presently have a new park to show.
JURASSIC WORLD has many features.
A show for all with Jurassic creatures.
The Mitchells are invited by their aunt Claire.
She signs Zara to give a tour there.
But they evade the tour and explore the resort.
While OWEN GRADY trains raptors for sport.
Grady is the chief of security.
Training raptors for the military.
SIMON MASRANI owns the park.
The main attractions in the park.
A hybrid dinosaur. the INDOMINUS REX.
He asks that owen researches it.
But Owen finds out somethings.
That the dinosaur is mixed with something.
Owen and two others enter the cage.
Unknown that the Rex planned to escape.
But the Rex actually does escape.
Owen does too and he takes.
Takes offense of the creation.
Tells them that Rex is no normal creation.
In anger, he reveals it's many features.
The most important is it being a part raptor.
Owen demands that the Rex be killed.
But Masrani intends not to kill.
He sends a unit to capture it.
But the rex slaughters the unit.
Claire then orders an evacuation.
While her nephews are out exploring.
They are on the gryosphere ride.
Encountering the Rex as it passes by.
The rex destroys the sphere.
Zach and Grey escape the sphere.
They get back to the resort.
Unknowing their Aunt left the result.
Left it to find the two.
She and Owen get closer too.
While Masrani tries hunting the Rex.
The Rex runs to the birdcage and lets.
Lets the birds out to fly.
They then collide.
Collide with Masrani's helicopter.
The birds end up crashing the copter.
The birds then attack the resort.
Causing chaos in the resort.
Gary and Zach reunite with Claire.
While Owen shoots down all there.
Meanwhile, VIC HOSKINS.
Goes to Owen and Produces.
A plan to stop the Rex.
Owen hesitates but then accepts it.
The Raptors find the Rex.
Then communicates with the Rex.
That's when they all knew,
That Rex being part Raptor really is true.
Hoskins also planned to create an army.
But a raptor ends up killing.
Wiped him off the map.
While the raptors lure the rex into a trap.
Claire then lures out an original.
The two engage in a battle.
The rex is backed to the lagoon.
The Mosasaurus then consumes.

Jeff Goldblum
Sam Neill
Tea Leoni
Chris Pratt

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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