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Cigarettes stubbed out on mossy grass

Trees that look forward to wood chip

Flowers that bloom in spite of the gloom

Toasters that don’t always cook right

A warm bread that disappoints all

Mould that takes over in corners and dampness

Falsely addressed, and it’s junkman to boot

Falsely addressed, and its fraudulent address

Badly addressed and it’s back to the depot

Where never it shall see the light of day

Much like any obvious cards for loved ones

Swiped with the charity donations and

Lost eBay items by the unscrupulous who

Amongst them cause our faith in

Humanity to falter to the extent that

The pain in the arse that is having to

Collect the thing because they tried to

Deliver at 11:45 when most of us are at work is secondary to the

Increasing portent that it has been lost or fabled.

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