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Jungles Ask for a Game from Me


Jungles Ask for a Game from Me

Oh, sweet one.

The time I’ve been waiting for.

As I say this I cannot see.

For I’m blind upon being with you; I cannot walk, sleep, eat, or live.

I owe you my life, sir.

The way I see it, you are a feast of great fortune; you are a lavish animal lurking in the jungle

Who seeks out innocent rangers to chew like paper dolls.

Well paper doll I am no more.

I feel large thick leaves in this jungle; forest mice tickle my ankles, and I can hear the pouring of water to the right of me, very faintly. A wind is sanding my gritty white skin.

I can feel a man’s hand grab me with anxiety.

Oh, Sweet One.

A name I have given you long ago.

Trickle your fingerprints down my skin,

Grab tight and kiss the parts you have longed to kiss since the fine wine was tossed in the barrel.

Pouring down raw ears, I can hear you roaring my name,

Satanic purr and dagger-esque paws.

I know I cannot love you

As sweets can break the teeth.

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