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Jungle Jingle

I am an animal lover, dog owner, and pet blogger! I have two dogs who are just as wacko as me.

Animals doing the Jungle Jingle

Animals doing the Jungle Jingle

Music in my bones makes me tingle

Sometimes I visit the jungle to have fun and mingle

Monkeys clap and dance, doing the Jungle Jingle

Parrots in pair, no animal seen single

Alligators at the river, splashing to the beat

Who knew the king of the Jungle would be light on his feet

Snakes on branches, hissing and looking all evil

Scorpions and black widows, kisses stick like a needle

Birds singing sweet, meerkats doing the Macarena

Hyenas laughing at a dancing cheetah

Two love birds seen kissing, how romantic is that

Limbo in session, go go dancing cat

Wild pigs snorting and singing in grunts

everyone doing the Jungle Jingle, no spears, no guns, no hunts.

A hungry hippo stomps up and down and squish a water melon

As a wildebeest hips move in and out to the Jingle session

Zebras strut around to the music showing off their arrangement of stripes

Giraffes do the cha cha and gets their neck ties

Ants move around like a song beat in military form

A leopard gets excited and springs out to dance and tries to blow a rhinos horn

The big guys come in and everyone gives way

As the elephants come to join the musical play

The jungle jingle is fun, all animals are doing their thing

Even Tarzan is seen mobilizing on the rhythm.

© 2020 Clive Williams

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