Juggling my thoughts

Updated on April 25, 2018
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A thought is a sparkle to the soul, stimulating the subconscious. I'm an experienced poet that writes on life changing issues and topics.

Juggling my thoughts

Perhaps I wow the audience of thought-provoked

But it is a journey of streaming season

I sense no stop to the rush of the realms

Catching the mind shift of the morrow

A glimpse of intensity in the midst of curiosity

Makes bed of certainty in the room of uncertainty

Juggling my thoughts

Sitting in the consciousness of a cheerful confusion

Standing in the subconsciousness of a languishing lucidity

I see all starts to the feasibility of the profitability

Weighing the sifted of the practicable

In the synchronization of the synergies

Gives throne of innovation in the palace of evolution


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    • Mindnoodling profile image

      Dammybright 3 weeks ago from Nigeria

      Just juggled my thoughts. Let me know your thoughts about it


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