Judgment is Beautiful

Updated on November 11, 2018

Now, more than ever is judgment trying to lend a helping hand, Only to be rejected and despised, Why?

When being a participant to judgment's call, does not mean I only participate in how the un-judged fell or fall,

Then is judgment really a beauty? if I failed to see or to be and fail to receive articulated examination and judgment to me,

It transcends masculine barriers and boundaries, judgment’s feminine aspects translate and womanize beauty,

Beauties are not for the purpose of trespassing on the masculine mandates, but, rather, to have a woman-date which perceives and knows her own place,

That is when judgment is beauty, and not merely handsome, I find solace now. in judgment, where I once found fear, the torment of the un-examined me,

Somehow the King’s words consoled me, "Thy rod and thy staff they both comfort me",

That is when judgment became beautiful. and began to set me free, hereto is when I declared to myself, I will judge me concerning what I see,

I won’t fear to see the ruin sin has wrought, I will allow judgment to assist me to be taught,

Where judgment concerns me, It needs to be experiential and applicable too, Without judgment I know I can’t make it through,

Judgment is its name, it is always proclaimed, It sits out in the air and atmosphere still, the needed assessment knows it requires the will,

To bring judgment into the space that I dwell, the place I occupy and claim to be mine, this is where judgment should not be undermined,

I desire the virtues of justice and all that it gives, But, the beauty of judgment received forgives,

Judgment is a counselor and a mentor, It is principles, precepts, and laws, always around to turn the crooked straight,

When to it an ear. that is not deaf, turns away and doesn’t will to hear it, Yet, there is an incorruptible will, that curtsies to judgment’s voice,

Knowing judgment can never corrupt, judgment is beautiful, yet handsome too, that is a paradox, a seeming contradiction, yet, it is true,

I just didn’t know judgment was so needed, or I wouldn’t have without it, ever proceeded,

To survive the accountability test, to be responsible and be led to rest, judgment must be first, It can never be last,

Judgment produces such beauty, I at times marvel and wonder, I thought that it was mercy or just another beautiful moment of grace,

Judgment tenderly and silently, loudly yet seriously and soberly, lets me know to be a ready hearer,

Listen out for judgment, be swift to stop, look and listen, I don’t want dull ears, and nor do I want itchy ears,

I need the remedy that judgment provides, judgment is a provider when I don’t have a cent, exponentially, gives, and doesn’t produce a taker, but a receiver,

Takers, take and when that is done, judgment is a fumble, complaints, and murmurs, and all the mouth can mumble,

Judgment produces givers, it is something most misunderstood, only because of unknown intentions, and motives,

I don't want to miss out on the beauty, all the beauty within, that judgment will supply the need to be or become,

The beauty reflected because judgment is the mirror, nor neglect the reach within to examine the fruits by checking the roots,

So that there is less and less erosion, sin so subtly, the residue leaves, so that the spring is not bitterness and defilement contaminates none,

More and more purging, plowing, pruning digging up what is not the good ground, which can hinder growth and development,

Why? Because judgment is crowned with beauty, and I can now see judgment from the feminine apex which I interpret it as a beauty, nothing physical, but rich in ideal,

Judgment helps me to locate remedies, not to dwell on the problem, well, to sum it all up, the main idea of this poem is,

Judgment makes beautiful because judgment produced handsome!

Holy men spake as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit, therefore did judgment come to help me to examine myself. I am so happy judgment showed up.

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      • lawrence01 profile image

        Lawrence Hebb 

        5 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


        Interesting, but I think you got things mixed up with Mercy.

        Judgement condemns, but the prophet said "let mercy flow like a river"

      • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


        6 months ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

        Hi Mark: Thanks for weighing in. The title is different, but in my experiences, I am finding and have found judgment to be too essential to not assess for myself.

      • Mark Tulin profile image

        Mark Tulin 

        6 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

        Was a little taken aback from the title, but pleasantly surprised when I read the poem.

      • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


        6 months ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

        Hi Dana: Judgment is so needed for triggers and strongholds. Especially when perfect love casts out the fear of being judged and grants the capacity to examine ourselves. Have a good week.

      • Dana Tate profile image

        Dana Tate 

        6 months ago from LOS ANGELES

        Judgement is indeed beautiful. It enlightens us to what needs work in our lives. It is freeing and liberating and banish strong holds that will set us free.


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