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To Judge or Not to Judge


I am proudly South African. I love reading especially poetry and still new to posting my poetry online.


To judge

Do not judge me for what you do not know

You were not there and you did not see

Who are you to judge me

And the life I chose to live young and free

It is my decision and only I know what’s meant to be

Who are you to preach such words

To try and turn my blessings into a curse

Judge yourself and the life you live

Do not weep because of the opportunities you've missed

Judge the judging you judge on me

My heart is locked and you lost the key

These words you judge is like a cold breeze

I’m letting you go so my heart can be at ease

Only I can judge myself for what I did wrong

So practice those words you judge to me

Or change your speech before you preach

Because I’m a sinner does not make you a saint

I am my own artist and know the life I want to paint

So do me favour and do not judge

And leave the judging to the Lord

Tame your tongue for judgement day is sure to come

© 2019 JJ Nel

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