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Judge Me Not on What You See

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Always trying to help others fight their fight with the hope they can make something of themselves in the long run...


Judge me not on what you see

The circumstance has left for me

At unaffordable lengths definitely not free

Base it not on my spiritual decree

Body feels weak, everything comes with a fee

I have worked in honesty

My work may not seem worthy

I take care of your refuse, plastic and street corners so dusty

I have no guaranteed place to stay, it's all so musty

I have no proof of what I receive for the day

The documents you ask, I don’t have to outlay

You placed me on a sideline, forgot about me today

Where does that leave me, only weeks of dismay

I am not a bother given the circumstance, all I can do is pray

I leave it up to you, though I look so frayed

I wish every day for something to eat,

For me it warms my heart and considered a treat,

Trust me when I tell you it’s not an easy feat

Only with time I can tell you all I had to beat

Hopefully one day poverty I will defeat

As time has progressed further into the world being on halt, many on the street that relied on their daily refuse collection, cleaning or garden work as breadwinners to their family have now placed many in diar situations.

Limited food parcels from the government and red tapes to grants for the less fortunate, as some on the street are unable to supply documentation to meet criteria. Some have no place to stay and questioned by cops daily. Though trying to help the many your pocket can afford, there are still many more that still require assistance.

So sad and heart wrenching to hear and see their daily battle.

A plate of food for their families is their only ask and that they consider a luxury.

This piece has been expressed through their eyes

© 2020 Mitara N