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Judge Thy Neighbor (Poem)

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


The game of life. The ups and downs and lessons learned. This poem came to my mind in an instant of insults from people I do not know and never will. However, it is also about how many moments like that one have brought me much wisdom within my growth. It is a realization that when we are young, so much of life seems confusing, and at times even our own sarcasm is a right of passage. We grow. We learn. And in that way, the inexcusable becomes excusable. It is somewhat like what Joni Mitchell sings; you will eventually see your life from both sides--the naivety of the growth and the wisdom from the truth. We will never figure it all out, but we learn to deal with that fact without childish ignorance.


Judge Thy Neighbor

Do you know me from the wind…?

A breeze of scent--a gust of glance my

I dare say not.

You could not possibly grasp my energy
from across a grassy knoll.

You see me.

You judge me from a silhouette that
dances in the shadows of the sun.

But…you cannot know me from a moment
in time.

From the quick pirouettes I do
on my deck.

I am a mystery of unfailing wisdom
from my own failing prudence.

A proper madness of mellow—I have

But…the wind somehow told you I am a
cow who deserves a moo.

A loser who lives under a simple tin roof.

Oh no…you do not know me. You may
never know me.

And so, my ignorance is blissful to your
brash perceptions.

I do not bother with those windless

If it was the wind that blew your glance
my way,

you would have sniffed the aroma of my

Like my ash gray hair that soared in the

It has burned many pages of a story to

You did not make sense of that…

Did you happen to smell my “udderly”

They brought much nurture and
unconditional love to my children.

No, Neighbor. You undoubtedly ignored
the wind.

It only concedes to free-spirits that show
courtesy to the nature of him.

It is life that teaches us to breathe in the truth.

And then interpret that through eyes of clear


Hence, I cannot scorn thy neighbor for
not being ready for a life of honesty

in its every lucid, mythical, and magical

© 2022 Missy Smith

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