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Joys of Childhood

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.


Experience Being a Mother

This response to Brenda’s prompt seemed to come very slowly to me, then I thought about my three sons. The greatest responsibility and joy I have had in my life is my three sons. I loved being a mother. Now they are grown, and I have grandchildren.

Being a Cub Scout den mother, taking them to fun events and enjoying each birthday was such a pleasure. Of course, we had some of the problems that tend to occur with raising boys. We had a few emergency room visits for stitches and a couple of broken bones. Each son had his own unique personality and skills. They are now good men, and I am proud of them.

A Mother's song - "Mother to Child"- Love for all Mothers

Children of mine I love you so

Your smiles brighten up my day

I love the wonder in your eyes

All my love is here to stay

Making new friends who love to play

They learn something new every day

Their boundless energy we see

They have friends so they say

On the playground they run fast

In the classroom they will learn

Books we read before they sleep

Naptime they will always spurn

Children are happy with their friends

Solving new problems every day

Giggling and laughing at silly things

Love will always find a perfect way

Childhood is a precious time

Confusion and growth as they age

Parents guiding them with love

Until they've grown earning a wage


Acrostic Poem

Children bring much joy to life

Happy smiles light up their eyes

It’s those very precious memories

Love like I’ve never known before

Doing all the things they love best

How fast the time goes by

Over the hills they ride their bikes

On to better thing I believe

Doing their best to make a life

"A Mother's Song"

Final Thoughts

I have very much enjoyed Brenda's prompts. She has given many of us a way to be creative that we had not explored before. Exploring new options at any age is probably healthy, and it is very enjoyable. I appreciate the effort that Brenda has put into these prompts, as she reviews all of our responses, and she lets readers know about them.

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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