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Heart's Desire

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Yearning of a woman

The lady's heart was cold as stone

No prince charming have ever known.

How her emotions would be like the pillow on her bed?

Soft and tender, loving and caring

Oh how they wish instead!

Prestigious men wanted her to be their Queen,

But all she visualizes were men full of greed and who were mean.

Gallant and rich they may seem to be,

They happened to have hollow hearts if other people can only see.

What she only prayed from heavens above

Was a knight who'll save her from the deepest dark.

A man who'd love her eternally,

Responsible and would give his heart whole-heartedly.

Whose words were true and won't cut like a sword...

Purest intention is what she's seeking for and not just what they could afford.

One day, the ray of sun warmed her chest.

The sea of clouds was where she laid and rest.

Her eyes beamed and glow like fireflies

When she met him, after the storm he arise.

Gratefully, he's an answered prayer,

His bright beautiful smile, what a delight to stare!

They conversed from dusk til dawn

Laughter surrounds the place, like music to their soul.

Their relationship was not picture perfect.

They didn't collide whenever argument take effect.

A partner who'd stood by her side

And would not allow their love to subside.

Do happily ever after really exist?

Depends on the point of view of who's reading this.

Because the lady found what she had been yearning for,

A true love that is rare and would last long for sure.


© 2019 Janis

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