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Joy and Happiness in the Dark Day

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Neha is a Post Graduate from Delhi University. Writes a verity of subjects which help individuals' to lead a good life.


Overcast Sky


Joy and Happiness in the dark day

The sky is overcast and dark
There is a chance of Thunder shower
Normally I should have
Feelings of fear and uncertainty

But that is not the case today
I am happy and elated
Enjoyed the ride to office and
I noticed the change in my feelings

Even though the sky is dark,
I am happy and elated.
I found rest in the Lord
He is my Joy and salvation



Darkness turn to joy

He scatters my enemies
He gives victory
He is my salvation
He is my Joy

Whatever may happen in this world
That will not affect my safety
I am protected and
I am provided

Jesus gives victory over sin
He Protects me from temptation
He so mighty in His deeds
He is worthy to receive worship

He is worthy to receive worship
Uninterrupted and concentrated worship
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Is the Lord God Almighty.

Glory of God


Battle is ready


Victory is sure

Our battle is not against flesh or blood,
Our battle is not against my neighbor
Our battle is not against my colleague
Our battle is against the powers of this dark world

Angels are there with me in the battle
Weapons are mighty and destructive
Sharper than any double edged swards
No one can stand against it

Battle field is ready
and the angels are ready
They are awaiting for your command
You just say "Go ahead"

Victory is sure
It is decided and declared
Those who are with us are
More than those who are with them.

Work of devil


Devil and his work

Devil comes with sickness
Devil comes with pain
Devil brings strife in the family
We have to fight it out

Darkness comes with devil
Evil comes with devil
It attacks our imaginations
We have to fight it out

We are not lonely
We are not defeated
We are not outcast
We are protected