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Journey to the Path of Self Discovery as a Single Girl

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A lot has happened in 60 whole days of a new reality

Dropped one useless appendage of a person from life

Not by personal choice; have accepted it was for the best

Wondered what next step should be in solo trip

Around a new and exciting world with an albatross

Being worn to drag this eager explorer down

Feeling a little more normal, but different

Some days seemingly on top of James Cagney's world

Just not with his onscreen mother this time around

The rest buried underneath the mountain

After it has caved in due to some inclement weather

Real or imaginary; hard to say what was the case

Stuck on the most demonic rollercoaster ever built

Full of terrifying drops and spins that can cause motion sickness

Head stuffed with thoughts of a disillusioned past

Given into the belief that it was all a fictious misconception

A dead end existence that had no future

Had moments of doubt that fault laid on my doorstep

Maybe, too eager or the rose colored glasses too bright

Realized that the blame belonged to the former guest

Of my domain and a supporting player in my heart

Presented a house of cards persona that was fake

Nothing about them was honest or truthful

A snake oil salesman in the guise of a decent human being

Knew nothing about being responsible or having steady credit

Never going to own anything outright or have anything of meaning

To their name; except a series of unfortunate events of their own making

Heart no longer looking like a demolish project gone wrong

Been casually glued back together by carefully crafted HGTV hands

Almost back to its former glory before the implosion

Currently, faith in fellow man at an all-time low

Let's rephrase that; faith in the opposite sex has a tiny approval rating

Believed that there was nothing worthwhile about them

Except being other than eye candy or disposable wipes

Was treated like trash by someone else; uneager to repeat process

Trying to find private terra firma before committing to anyone else

Better to have proper footing on solid ground before taking dating plunge

Too cynical anyways to do that at this time

Preferred to go it alone while those human frogs passed me by

Waiting for a decent prince, or average joe to come my way.

In the meantime, working on finding a personalized groove for one.

Never too late to have an adventure.

Never too late to have an adventure.

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