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Journey to the Blissful Land

This is one of the many unpublished poems I wrote around eleven years back.


I took the road to the blissful land,
'It was my choice' I can't declare,
But yes for sure the Owner's hand,
Had looked after all my fare.

At first, I had a walk without sway,
Booming with joy and brimming with grace.
I made it a point to pray each day,
And spread his Word at a greater pace.

On the pavement when I saw a wandering man,
With the Owner's orders, my service began.
Then I helped him feel the Owner's hand,
Which turned his path to the blissful land.

To proceed ahead take my advice,
If at all like that man you're also estranged.
Kneel down in prayer without thinking twice,
You'll see things new and life's seasons changed.

Further ahead during my walk,
The path diverged to a marshy land.
I slowed my walk and came to a halt,
As I was trying to walk without my Owner's hand.

There was a way that is to pray,
And 'Daddy' the owner would have helped.
But I turned to go back and retreat my way
"I am too smart" my overconfidence yelped.

I felt convinced that it would be a nice stride,
To live a life king-size where the Owner has no say,
And though through his Word he hammered me on my side,
I was obstinate and didn't obey.

Soon in this story many pitfalls came,
I fell down and cried but no one helped.
I missed my good Daddy when I got lame
For him to hear I screamed and yelped.

But so far was I that I thought he won't
Be able to hear or feel my pain.
For then my mind was filled with lies so blunt,
That I thought my Owner would from me abstain.

He heard my cries and drew me close,
I said "Dear Daddy, can you forgive me please?"
Then from his mouth, the words arose
"Who told you my love for you would cease?"

"Never will I forsake you didn't I say?
Am I a human to retreat on my word?
Hold my hand and walk, you'll never sway,
Not even with a flaming arrow or sword."

Since then in this journey
We've walked hand in hand
He has been my attorney
Through every marshy land

Like a king, I've walked, strived and marched
As through it all, he has had my back.
Since the day I've on this journey embarked
Every portion's provided and there hasn't been a lack.

It is not how you perspire or shed a tear
For burdens that are for him to bear
But how well you hold on to a hand so strong,
That truly determines how well you prolong.

© 2019 Lincy Francis

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