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Join My Mind

It worked out perfectly
I thought I was going to eat too much
I'd waited too long, my hunger consumed me
But it wasn’t as bad as I assumed it would be

Why be a glutton, it isn't anything
Then two years later it’s still with you
You forgot the moment, the desire was nothing
And now you spend your day complaining

My life is elsewhere, I've not arrived
I know it now, I don’t play a part
There is nothing I do I care to talk about
My body just needs to walk towards my mind

Beyond an acceptable level of beauty
A woman must keep me curious
But not as a game; I only take my time
If she says something to make me stop

But there must be a center of gravity
The magnetic north of attraction, desire
Something unreasonable, until I break
It has to hurt so I will remember

I was on a boat racing a storm to shore
The Alps were all around, our bottles were full
But not for long, to die unafraid was my wish
I am here to tell of it, I was saved, and I remember

I can’t understand how my mind works
One moment, then another, which one to choose
Whatever is delicate, vulnerable, whole
Is that it, or a storm, fierce, uncomfortable, incomplete