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Run - Today's the Day!

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Coronavirus has reshaped our lives across the world. Before the nationwide lock-down was imposed, I used to jog daily at a nearby race-course in early mornings. During the lock-down, I was jogging on my apartment terrace for about two and a half months. Last week as the restrictions eased up here in India, I started jogging in the open again.

There is a major difference when you jog on your veranda than outdoors. As I stepped out, I realized within minutes that my stamina had taken a toll during the lock-down and indoor walks. As I tried to build up my speed, I remembered a few lines I penned four years ago.

At that time, I was a beginner at morning walks, gradually those walks turned into jogs and then sprints. We have a massive race-course here in Mumbai having 2Km Jogging and Walking Tracks respectively. I used to do around 4-5 rounds every day back then. The schedule every-day was to reach the place at 5 AM, do the jogging till 6.30 after that meditate for about 15-20 mins. And finally to see the sun rising in all its glory. One fine day, these lines were thought while running my 4th round.


The Very First Day

As the Alarm Clock started buzzing
The Brain told the heart — Heyy No More Snoozing
You just eat, sleep and repeat like a lazy man
It's time to find out what you really can
Half Awake, I stared in the mirror, washed my face
The mind again said — Heyy Don't you wanna Ace?
Shorts, Tee, Socks, Shoes, CHECKED
Earbuds, Phone, Mat, Bottle PACKED
When stepping out fresh, my motivated face had a wide smile
Reason for the smile was my gorgeous blue automobile
Zipping thru the drizzled roads, I looked around and saw no light.
Little did they know, How bright I was feeling on the inside.
Within minutes I reached the race-course, My destination.
Full of lush greenery and aroma of petrichor, time for action.
An elderly stranger passerby greeted me with affection, as I was slowly building up my pace.
My Young-Blood filled with envy; it said hey how can you lose to him, time to race.
I started running frantically, zooming past that old man.
Feeling smug, my ego filled me that I am like superman.
Soon my stamina gave in; Little did I know, he had a consistent plan.
And it became the classic tale of hare and tortoise, as he ran past and smilingly glanced.
Gasping and tired, I looked and smiled at him and admired his speed and consistency.
My ego shattered as I realized how meaningless is the envy and fallacy.
That day I decided to emulate him and slowly build-up my fitness regime.
Days, weeks and months passed by and I slowly got stronger over time
One round turned into two, two to four and then five.
It started to feel like how deeply I am feeling alive.
Then came a humid day, as clouds disappeared revealing clear sky.
I was finishing my 4th lap; the heat was making my throat dry.
Moving through the bushes, as the birds were chirping
My mind drifted apart and started observing.


Observation of my mind about my body

When the drops of sweat meet your tongue

Close your eyes and you will feel young

Your legs might make you wanna stop

But your heart is what keeps you strong

The breeze of cool air kisses your hair

That's when you realize why you shouldn't care


Ending Notes

Slowly, I reached the end of my lap, making my touch-down
Drenched in sweat, gulping the water, I started my cool-down
Finally! Now It was time to roll out the mat and do my meditation
Forgetting the world around and closing my eyes, drowning in the salvation.
When you meditate, There is no point in stopping the thought
Just observe as they come in and saw as they go out
As you are in the world of dreams, you get to meet and know your inner-self
The most significant person whom you have ignored, like a mooncalf
Time went by, As the Rising Sun gave my closed eyes the red warmth
I opened my eyes slowly, touching the dewdrops on the meadowy swarth
As I head back, with my mind at ease and feeling refresh
reaching back home with my rejuvenated soul and flesh
My fears were keeping me set in my old ways
Now I know that there is no point in wasting another day.


© 2020 Hritik Jain Bhimani

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