Joe Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017

G.I Joe


Who sells four warheads and two stars.
DUKE and RIPCORD are delivering the warheads.
While doing so, they are ambushed instead.
Ambushed by BARONESS. Whom duke used to be with.
The two was almost married. Her name then was Ana Lewis.
They are recused by skilled soldiers.
& taken to an Egyptian command center.
They meet GENERAL HAWK who take the warheads.
Duke and Ripcord are excused, joining the team instead.
Meanwhile, McCullen uses the same nanotechnology.
To build up an army. He and the DOCTOR are planning.
Planning on introducing this to the public.
Knowing the warheads will cause panic.
First, they needed to track down the Joes.
McCullen uses a device to make that so.
He locates the base and sends STORM SHADOW.
Shadow retrieves them after a brief battle.
Along with DE COBRAY come with a plan.
A plan to weaponize the warheads.
They make their way to Paris instead.
But the Joes intervene.
But are not successful in stopping.
In stopping the missiles from being launched.
One hits the Eiffel tower but Duke has brought.
He brought the kills switch. He presses and ends it.
but while doing so, he is captured by McCullen.
McCullen's secret base the Joes locate.
There they find the plan he has in place.
Sending Missles to the world's most important cities.
Striking fear in the hearts of many.
So SNAKE EYES immediately starts working
He and Ripcord destroy the 1st three he was launching.
They infiltrate the base of McCullen.
Duke finds old faces but McCullen
He attempts to kill him but he's burned.
They escape because the plan didn't work.
Destroying the base and all in the pack.
But they did not know the Joes fell back.
Duke and Baroness are on their tail.
Meanwhile, the Doctor is working to heal.
To heal McCullen. Changing him to dethtro.
While they are all soon captured by G.I Joe

Channing Tatum
Marlon Wayons
Dennis Quad
General Hawk
Snake Eyes
Lee Byung Hun
Joseph Gordon Levitt
The Doctor/Cobra Commander
Chris Eccleston
James McCullen/Dethro

GI Joe: Retaliation

The Truth

The G.I Joes have gotten bigger.
Duke has become their supreme leader.
but he is framed for stealing nuclear warheads.
From ZARTAN who is impersonating the as the head.
The Head of the United States.
He calls a strike to eliminate.
To eliminate all of the G.I JOES.
That strike to their camp supposedly did that.
But three remained to complete the Joes mission.
But Duke was killed and ROADBLOCK laments.
FLINT and LADY JAYE helped him snap out of it.
While STORM SHADOW and FIREFLY pursue.
To break COBRA COMMANDER loose.
A sudden but obvious twist.
Cobra breaks lose and decides to dismiss.
He dismisses Destro.
While sending away storm shadow.
To heal up in the mountains.
While SNAKE EYES captures him for questions.
Back in the United States.
Are Roadblock, Flint, and Lady Jaye.
They set up base in a rundown gym.
After the president announces that Cobra will replace them.
Lady Jaye figures the president is not Zartan
So they infiltrate an event that they know he'd attend.
Lady Jaye steals a sample of his DNA.
& confirms she was thinking the right way.
Zartan then invites the world leaders.
To attend a summit in Fort Sumpter.
Where he blackmails them to disable.
All of their nuclear arsenals.
He then reveals a mass project.
A project involving mass destruction.
Mass destruction by his command.
As an example, he destroys a land.
Then threatens to destroy other capitals.
If leaders won't submit to his proposal.
He thinks he has them.
But Stormshadow betrays them.
He first kills Zartan.
Then reveals to leaders his plans.
While the Joes that are left over.
Fight off cobra commander's soldiers.
Roadblock goes to Firefly and gets the device.
While Cobra Commander takes flight.

Dwyane "The rock" Johnson
Road Block
Ray Park
Snake Eyes
Dj Controna
Adrianna Palacki
Lady Jaye
Luke Bracey
Cobra Commander
Arnold Volso
Ray Stevenson
Byung-hun Lee
Storme Shadow

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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